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Political website of the month
The Take Back Parliament group demonstrating in London
Accidental Activists! is a recently created blogging website campaigning for electoral reform that includes proportional representation voting.  Sample articles - Purple Protests for PR: Take Back Parliament! and Sleepless Activism: Painting the Toon Yellow and other stories…. (Photograph by James Moulding).
Take Back Parliament
Take Back Parliament. "This Parliament does not represent us. We demand fair votes now. There must never again be an election under this broken system."
Western Colonialism
The Islamic Committee for the Reversal of Colonialism says, "It was Britain who spear-headed the Colonial campaign into the Muslim World over the last couple of centuries. It is Britain who occupied, subjugated, divided and ruled, the Muslim Lands... The minute the public take notice of Britain's disastrous Foreign Policy then the sooner we can all move forward."
River's Stream
River's Stream offers reflections on mainly local but also national and international political issues. Recent topics include Preston's refuse bin services, corruption at BAE Systems over arms sales and Preston bus station.
Preston City Council
Contact information at a glance:


Preston City Council
Town Hall
PR1 2RL.

Telephone: 01772 906 900
E-mail: info@preston.gov.uk
Website: www.preston.gov.uk
Local Councillors
Much of Fulwood lies in the electoral ward of College ward. The two Councillors, both Conservative, for College ward are Kathleen Cartwright, who can be contacted by telephone on 01772 719694 and by e-mail as cllr.b.cartwright (at) preston.gov.uk,  and Jill Truby who can be contacted on 01772 655750 and by e-mail as cllr.j.truby (at) preston.gov.uk.

Further information on all Preston City Council councillors is available from the council's website under Councillors and meetings within the Councillors and democracy area.
People and Participation
People and Participation is a British government sponsored web based initiative with its origins in a successful book of the same title published in 2005. The site aims to be a central portal for information and inspiration about participation to practitioners across the world. The site authors believe that the methods and principles they promote will be of use to people in the public, private and voluntary sectors..


Welcome to our fledgling politics pages

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Preston and area MPs and their expense claims, Community champion awards, Preston Area Forums, Northern Area Forum

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Janet Anderson, Hazel Blears, Nigel Evans, Mark Hendrick, Lindsay Hoyle, Denis MacShane, Ben Wallace

Political reform

On the possibility of unrepresentative government. A brief history and explanation of the coalition proposed 55% voting threshold for the dissolution of parliament.

Much has been said of Liberal Democrat – Conservative coalition plans to make the dissolution of Parliament subject to a 55% threshold majority vote. Much of that comment, assertion and politicking has been misleading. To begin at the beginning, on 11 May 2010, the coalition partners reached agreement on establishing five-year fixed-term parliaments and legislation that will “provide for dissolution if 55% or more of the House votes in favour”. Initial responses to this proposal varied from cautious concern to outright condemnation. There was no unqualified praise.

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Preston and area MPs and their expense claims

We have a page dedicated to Preston and Lancashire MPs and their expense claims. Our approach is not party political but focuses on issues that might affect any consideration of the general suitability of potential candidates to be an MP.

Featured MPs include Mark Hendrick, the MP for Preston whose constituency home is in Fulwood, Nigel Evans, the MP for Ribble Valley whose constituency currently includes Fulwood and Ben Wallace who represents Lancaster & Wyre and whose revised constituency will include Fulwood from after the forthcoming election.

Preston Area Forums
Area Forums, which have their origins in traditional community meetings, are local council supported meetings held locally to discuss, make representations or recommendations and receive feedback on issues of particular concern to local residents or communities in an area. Local councillors, local authority representatives and representatives from such as the police, the health service or other locally relevant organisations normally attend the meetings and respond directly to residents' questions and concerns.

Preston City Council has five forums – the Central, Eastern, Western, Rural and Northern Area Forums. Each forum meets regularly and covers a particular area of the city. Preston City councillors attend the meetings. The meetings allow individuals to have their say on issues relating to them and their community, to find out what's happening in their local area, and perhaps to influence decisions on matters that affect them.

You can take part in any consultation on council matters that specifically affect your community. This might include traffic and highway problems, leisure provision or crime and disorder issues.

The council will also be using the Area Forum meetings to link into issues of policy and strategy such as the development of the Waste Management Strategy or integrated transportation systems. Area Forums enable you to express your views on policy and strategy affecting your area.

Preston Area Forums has a 30-minute 'Question Time' in which you can ask a question.

Fulwood comes under the Northern Area Forum, on which more information below.

Preston City Council Area Forums
Northern Area Forum
The Preston Northern Area Forum covers Cadley, Greyfriars, Sharoe Green, College and Garrison wards.

Common topics raised at the meetings include community-policing issues, such as policing levels, anti social behaviour and graffiti, problems caused by on street parking, especially parking near to the Royal Preston Hospital, environmental related concerns, public transport issues and concern regarding the future use of Harris Park.

The main focus of the forum is a 30-minute session called 'Open Forum' where you are invited to ask questions or raise issues concerning you or the local community. Forum members can provide a response at the meeting or, if you leave your contact details, you will be sent a written response. If you live in one of the wards covered by the Northern Area Forum you can also submit a question to the next forum meeting by using an on-line question form.

For more information, including the date, time and location of the next Northern Area Forum meeting, the agendas, reports and minutes of previous meetings and details of the forum committee members please see Northern Area Forum at Preston Council’s website. You can also write to, telephone, fax or e-mail the Area Forum Manager:

Nigel Heckford
Area Forum Manager
Community Engagement
Town Hall
Lancaster Road
Preston PR1 2RL.

Telephone: 01772 906372
Fax: 01772 906126
E-mail: n.heckford@preston.gov.uk
Community Champion Awards
The Community Champion Awards offer the chance for individuals to show their appreciation to local people who for no reward quietly go about making their community a better place to live.
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