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St Vincent's boys home - 19 November 2002
My father was brought up in Fulwood at the St Vincent's boys home (not connected with the Harris).
He left the area in 1942 to serve in the war and never returned to live there. Is there such a book or any information about the area even if it includes other areas of Preston. Any information would be gladly received.

Gail White

I'm trying to find a Meritorious Service medal that belonged to my 3xgt-grandfather John Raynes Lewis PURNELL. He was a Sergeant-Major in the 3rd. Battalion, North Lancashire Regiment (Militia) from 1865 to 1882. He lived at Fulwood Barracks with his family during that time. When he died in 1900, he was living at 120 Thomas Road. In his Will, he left the medal to his daughter Constance Wilkinson but members of her family don't know where it is now. I'd like to get a picture of this medal if some other family member has it. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

Ruth Wright Ontario, Canada

Billy's Weekly Liar - 10 October 2002
Hello Simon,

I am contacting you as a last resort really!

I am trying to locate a copy of 'Billy's Weekly Liar' and apparently an extract was shown on the Fulwood site on the schools page.

I have tried to find this at Lancashire Record Office with a view to getting a photocopy, but they can't locate it as they don't know which records it is kept with, and I wondered if you may be able to put me in touch with the author of the webpage, or someone in Fulwood who may know the magazines whereabouts. (Perhaps the local historian Carol Knight mentioned on the site may know?)

My late father recorded himself, myself, and my brother reading from 'Billys Weekly Liar ' onto a 'Record your own Disc' machine at the seaside many years ago and I have wanted to see a copy for a long time now.

The only other mention on the web is Essex University, but sadly they do not answer my emails!

Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.


Rob Whittaker Nottingham, England

Ginny Ward - 20 May 2002
Could someone please help me? I'm trying to find Ginny Ward. She will be about 26/7 years old, and she lived at Marston Moor Fulwood Preston, she had a younger brother and lived with her mum and step dad. I've been looking for such a long time now and am really hoping for some news. Please, please please, help me find some info about her whereabouts. E-mail me at andihudson@hotmail.com or janineledger@hotmail.com.

Janine Ledger

Bluebell Wood and Lady Well House - 8 March 2002
Just come across your enquiry regarding the Bluebell wood and Lady Well
House (D3 of the attached map). Lady Well house is in fact a Roman Catholic
Chapel and my friend got married there approx 3 years ago. There is an awful lot of development of this area so can't say for sure if there are still lots of bluebells in the wood (give it a few weeks and we'll see if they come out for spring) but I think the wood you are referring to is in fact one and the same off Fernyhalgh Lane.

Hope this helps.

Elena Brown UK, formerly of Fulwood & Cadley School 1974-1980

Map extract (42Kb)

Hello from New Zealand - 5 March 2002
My brother, sister and I left Fulwood and Cadley School at the end of November 1955 with our parents to emigrate to New Zealand. We were thrilled to see that the whole school had turned out to wave to our train as it sped past the school on our way to Glasgow.

My teacher when I left was Mr Pilkington. I remember him as a kindly man who played the piano and who told me I sang "like an angel".

I called into the school in 1995 and was invited to have a look around, and saw in the infant's cloak room the (then) waist high porcelain wash tubs that I'd forgotten. Friends in my class were Brian Finney, (son of the legendary Tom) and someone whose surname was Ackroyd (?Peter) who must have lived nearby as we used to collect conkers on our walk home (we were then living in Brackenbury Rd). When I visited in '95 the Headmaster very kindly photocopied the school roll showing our arrival and departure from the school and presented me with an old school tie! My school photograph of the time, which I still have, was captioned "School days are Happy Days". They certainly were!

Mike Houlding New Zealand

The Harris Orphanage - 27 January 2002
I've just discovered your website and find references to The Harris Orphanage most interesting.

I was born in Preston in 1947 and left to live in Chorley by the time I was 7 years old. I remember going to The Harris Orphanage School. My memories of attending were the wrought iron gates, which at 5 years old seemed huge. I remember break times and being given broken biscuits, presumably seconds. I also recall being told by the teaching staff that we were not to talk about Mummy and Daddy. I used to get the bus to school as we had no car and I remember travelling with my father who worked in the Midland Bank in Preston and he would make sure I got off the bus at the right stop, leaving me to go into school on my own.

I would love a picture of The Harris Orphanage. If anyone could assist or let me know where I could get one I would be most grateful.


Kate Bryant UK
Kate, Herewith a picture of the former Harris Orphanage. If you click on it, and wait, you will get a larger version in a new window. Right-click and choose 'Save target as ...' to download. I don't think the wrought iron gates have been there in the 17 years I've lived in Fulwood. The current owner, local university, recently made a botch of moving the gate pillars. The pillars are now out of proportion to the site with an out-of-keeping, too thick, mortar finish. I will put the picture, and others, in a more permanent place sometime. Simon.

Looking for old friends - 1 January 2002
Hi - my name is Susan Chaplin (nee McDowell). I went to Fulwood Secondary School from '68 - '70, when we left to come to Australia (can't believe it's almost 32 years ago). My best friend was Dianne Campbell - she had a brother and a sister Jane - we got on well because both of our fathers were in the Army. I remember Dianne gave me a yellow mouse as a going away present! We've lost touch over the years but I'd really love to hear from her again. Others in our group were Susan, Janet Cross, and Pauline (can't remember some of their surnames at this time)

I was really unhappy to leave Fulwood as I'd travelled all of my life - besides that, at long last I'd made some friends something I found very hard to do. I now live in Osborne, Adelaide South Australia, within walking distance of the beach, with Steve and Zoe our dog. All the children have left home! If anyone has news let me know.


Sue Chaplin (nee McDowell) Osborne, Adelaide, Australia

Old school mates, the sane move West - 26 November 2001
My name is Janice Hall (nee Baker) I'm 42 (ouch, that's always hard to have to say out loud isn't it?) I lived at 6, The Court, Fulwood from 1965 to 1973 and then came to Canada with my family when my dad got work out here. I lived in Saskatchewan, but like any sane person, gradually moved West until I came to a halt in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. When in Fulwood I went to Cadley Primary School (was in Ms Bramwell's class, Mr. Berry's class and Mr. Swan's class - any bell's ringing anyone?). Then I went to Fulwood High and was there until 1973 (with a year out due to being in a wheelchair). I'd be interested in hearing from anyone my age who was around then. I remember walking home with Barbara Clark and Julia Maffey, who lived on Conway Drive. I remember various Ann's, Judith's and Barbara's but over time a lot of last names escaped into oblivion. I remember Rosalind Watson from Cadley who went on to Preston Grammar - where I had the opportunity to go too, but I was already sick then and couldn't handle the long bus ride so my parents put me in Fulwood High which was close. I was devastated at the time but now have very fond memories of my Fulwood High School years so it was all for the best! It would be interesting to hear from anyone who shared some of those same years and could do some mutual memory jogging. I'm bedridden at the moment - same old problem - but I now have a laptop so life improves! I'm feeling somewhat nostalgic so would be glad of any messages.

Janice Hall (nee Baker) Victoria, British Columbia

Where are you !!!!!!! - 11 October  2001
Hi Simon,

Just a short message. Sometime ago, to my great delight, I found the notice board for Fulwood. As I am a former resident of Fulwood, now living in Australia, I thought it was wonderful to have the opportunity to keep up to date with events in Fulwood. So thank you for making the service available to us expats. However WHERE ARE YOU !!!!!!!, the notice board appears to have not been updated since July, come back.

Amanda Australia

Barrack Sergeant John Heaney - 24 September 2001
Does anyone know anything about one of my ancestors- a John Heaney (1811-1881)? After retiring from the 5th Dragoon Guards in 1853, he became Superior Barrack Sergeant at Fulwood Barracks. He was in residence there, with all of his family, for the census of 1861.Any information that anyone has about the barracks at that time - living conditions, etc - would be gratefully received.

Mrs. C Ingham UK

Sharples family from Cadley - 1 September 2001
Can anyone help with locating my branch of the Sharples family. My Thomas was born in Cadley in 1818 the son of Thomas & Ann Sharples (nee Leeming -from Garstang). He married Mary Smith of Lancaster in 1841 at St Ignatius Preston.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Miriam UK

Origins of Cleveleys Avenue near Causeway Cadley - 20 August 2001
I was wondering if you could help me concerning when certain roads/street were built in the Fulwood Area. I live in Cleveleys Avenue, which is near to Cadley Causeway, and I was wondering if you knew anything about when the houses in the area were built as I have heard several different years being mentioned, and also who built them as the houses in Cleveleys Avenue were apparently built by two different companies.

Any information would be greatly appreciated and I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this rather unusual request.


Stuart Hardaker Fulwood

Bluebell Wood Update - 14 August 2001
Hello Simon,

I thought I would send an update on my search for Bluebell Wood.

I had a reply from a lass (Amanda) in Perth, Australia who comes from Fulwood (left Fulwood in 1976) and remembers a Blue Bell Wood. With the aid of a Preston and district Road Map (A to Z) we located a Wood called Fulwood Park Wood with an Annex to it called Boundary Wood. It has a brook running through just as I (and Amanda) remembered it. Amanda's Mother says she thinks the Wood was on Fernyhalgh Lane - and that seems to run right alongside our wood! She also remembered weddings taking place at a Church nearby - I can't see a Church on the map but there is a 'Lady Well House' close by, is it possible weddings take place there?

If anyone knows this area - and can confirm that there are Bluebells - could they please contact me.

Many thanks,

Helena Holland (nee Sharples) Adelaide, South Australia

Food poisoning outbreak in Fulwood - 28 July 2001
Were you, your children, or someone you know affected by the E-coli 0157 outbreak in the Fulwood area in April/May 1999? If so, please email me with details. Members of my family were hospitalized as a result of it and I am keen to contact other people who were affected.

Claire Hounslea UK

Lashbrook family and Fulwood Tennis Club - 20 July 2001
Perhaps a bit 'historic' for most readers, but, if anyone has any older relatives, perhaps you could make enquiries? I'm trying to trace the Lashbrook family (Edward, Amelia, Jane, Edwin, Lilian) who were living in Fulwood from around 1910 to 1930's (I think).

I know that Edwin and Lilian were keen tennis players for Fulwood Tennis Club. Any information gratefully received.

A Williams UK

Bluebell Wood near Fulwood - 12 July 2001
Hello Simon,

Just found your web site and wondered if you could tell me if there is still a Bluebell Wood somewhere near Fulwood. As a child I lived near Deepdale Road in Preston and we used to go to the top of the Deepdale Road and turn right in to Fulwood - from there I don't remember how far it was. I often wonder if it is still there - I have been to Preston several times since we emigrated to Oz in 1955, but have been unable to find it. Can anyone help?


Helena Holland (formerly Sharples of Dove Street, Preston) Australia

Visiting Fulwood after 25 Years Away, the Calgary Stampede - 8 July 2001
Just browsing the sites today from Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire, England, as we are visiting next week for one month and found your family site (these good wishes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, are for you all) you must get good wishes from all over the world from the transplanted people of Fulwood.

We came to Calgary 25 years ago, two of our sons were born in Fulwood. I myself have been back 3 times during that time, my husband has never been back, his last sight of England from the Airplane was Blackpool Tower. He stated 10 days ago that he needed to return to Fulwood, to stand outside the house he lived in all his life on Woodside Avenue, and of course you will know where that is. He could, within relative walking distance see the house he lived in all his life, the house where we lived when we were married (Banbury Drive), the hospital he was born in (Sharoe Green), the school he attended, Fulwood High School being the last, the Church we attended (St. Cuthberts) also where the two boys were Christened.

I am very excited to be visiting again, it will be awesome, maybe, for my husband who has not been back at all. The amount of the traffic, the numbers of people, compared to this City, the green of the grass and trees, the variety, the bird variety and butterflies, the money from shillings and pence, everything, including the years of passage of us and also our dear friends and relatives, who are still living.

Now in Calgary, (I should tell you something of Calgary, as no doubt this is one of the reasons you have your web site) - it is the Calgary Stampede. It is 10 days long, there is a parade through Calgary, people sit at the side of the road to watch the floats, bands (we are honoured by bands from the States, and sometimes further a field England, Scotland, Thailand), and of course our Native Indian "bands", in their beaded clothes. The beading tradition is in fact not being carried on by the younger members of the bands which is sad. In the school where I work we have Native Children (or as we have to be now politically correct "First Nations"), they have such character on their faces and beautiful smiles, the Eagle Plumes, the Two Young Men, the Many Horses and the Crowchilds amongst the many. The main roads in Calgary are called Crowchild, Paean, Calf Rope Bridge, Sarcee - what history, although young compared to England. Down at the Stampede grounds they do a rodeo daily, calf roping, saddle bronc riding, bull riding and people show off their crafts for prizes - also exhibitions, people enter the competitions from all over the world horse shoe making - now you know who does well in that! (Wales, Scotland, England).

At the moment it is hot, hot, hot, 30 degrees C. But we deserve that, our winters are long. The snow stays down and high, and we drive on this. Go from the garage to the car, to our work, plug in our cars and back to home. I suppose we are either freezing or boiling!

This morning I got up to watch my traditional Wimbledon at 7:00 a.m., the finish of the Men's semi-final and of course the Women's final, but it was rained off. Tomorrow I will get up at 7:00 a.m. to see if I can catch any of it live, the traditions we are steeped in as children are always with us no matter where we live.

Also tomorrow Sunday, I will go to Spruce Meadows, show jumping (to watch - just up the road from where I live) the horses and riders come in from all over the world. But as the weather has just improved this is the beginning of the season and the riders and horses are in from the States, as they get a good deal the U.S. dollar to the Canadian. The beginning of September sees the Masters and the riders come in from all over the world, the Whittaker Brothers from England being some, and I really enjoy that.

Anyway, what a nice idea the Brown family have of utilizing the internet. Next week we will also will be back in Fulwood, so if you see this man standing outside Woodside Avenue you will know who he is! We are going back to stay will friends in Fulwood, who I myself went to school with at Deepdale, and my husband went to school with, the husband, and also worked with him for 13 years at the G.P.O. telecommunications side. They came out here 6 years ago, did a fly and drive Calgary to Vancouver, to thank us for introducing them, (now you can't get better than that).

Those bears you hear about are real.

Good wishes to the Brown family.

Marshall Family Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Harris Orphanage - 29 May 2001
Hello Simon,

The Harris Orphanage was situated on Garstang Road opposite the Little Sisters of the Poor nursing home (I cant remember the exact number). I was a pupil there from 1970 to 1974, pupils shared the school with the orphanage at the time. The orphanage was part of the Harris trust - the same Harris as the library in Preston and the then (was) polytechnic. A new Harris Primary School was built in the 1980's at Wychnor, off Lightfoot Lane, and the orphanage was converted into a conference centre for the university.

All the Best,

Ian Dargie UK

Pictures of Fulwood - 25 May 2001
Where can I find pictures on the internet of Fulwood Preston? Can you email me some pictures?

Charles Cape Town, South Africa

(Charles has since obtained some photographs)

Seeking Neil Nath - 14 May 2001

Dear Simon, I am looking for a person named Neil Nath living in Preston, Lancashire.

He was previously residing in India and had shifted to the UK, Lancashire, in 1991. I have lost contact with him ever since. I would be grateful to u if u could help me find him.

Please kindly let me know.

Oswald D'Souza Thane, India

Harris Children's Home - 25 April 2001

I actually went to this as a child (in the 1960's - early '70's). It's still there - on Garstang Road, the A5, between Queens Drive and Kings Drive, right opposite the 'Little Sisters of the Poor' featured on the Fulwood home page. Is part of the Education department now - either Preston College or Preston University.

My parents still live very close. I often go and walk around the grounds which are very much the same and definitely worth a look! The Harris library has always been around and is in the centre of Preston, not near the school. Hope that helps you Simon!

Alison Smith

Harris Children's Home - 23 April 2001


I lived in the Harris Children's Home from 1969 until it closed its doors in 1983. The Home now provides housing accommodation for students of Lancashire University which used to be Preston Poly. I can' t answer your question about the cemetery - sorry. I can't provide much more information as I have lived in US since 1984 and only go back every couple or so years. Good luck.

Caroline Bourland USA

Kings Hussars - 10 March 2001

Can anyone help me find a web page on the 14th/20th Kings Hussars?

Laura Charman Greater Manchester, UK

Flattery! - 10 March 2001

I just looked through your site, very nice, only the events seem all to have been instead of future events! Jeanne Verhagen, now in the Netherlands with expatriate husband, but due to return to the UK.

Jeanne Verhagen Netherlands

Brooklands Health Farm Garstang - 20 February 2001

I was browsing the internet in search of Garstang and in particular trying to locate a Health Farm located on the outskirts of Garstang which I stayed at some 15 years ago. It was then called Brooklands. I hope this is not too cheeky but the Garstang community web page is still being developed and it refers to your page as a reference.

My name is Tony Robinson. I am based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and would appreciate any information you may have on Brooklands (or maybe the name has changed) or a contact in Garstang who might be able to help. If there is no e-mail then a telephone or fax number would also be useful.

I look forward to your response in due course and good luck with the development of this page.

Kind regards,

Tony Robinson Jeddah, Saudi Arabia>

Fulwood High School friends - 8 February 2001

I have been living in Australia for six years (and London for fifteen before that, I'm 40) and have been wondering what happened to my school colleagues who attended Fulwood High School in the early 70's until '77. Anyone who sat next to me or shared a classroom with a Michael Bell (for it is I) is invited to get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

Milo Bell Perth, Australia

Looking for June Hartley - 3 January 2001

I'm looking for June Hartley. She is an old friend of mine who may now be married. I only know her maiden name. She was born in Preston around 1945/6. I now live in Canada. Thanks.

Mike Dillon Ontario, Canada

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