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Later Messages

Barbara Rowlands/Rolands of the Cattle Market Hotel - 27 November 2000

Does anyone know of a lady aged about 60 who, when single, was known as Barbara Rowlands/Rolands whose father kept the Cattle Market Hotel in Brook Street, Preston in the 1950's. Barbara now suffers (I believe) with MS and resides in Fulwood. I have not seen Barbara since 1952 and wish just to say Hi and to see how things went with life. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

John Cone Suffolk, UK

Offer Of Help - 1 November 2000

Hi, I am now living in Florida but was born in Preston and lived in Fulwood most of my younger life. I remember the Children's home quite well, but it has been closed for many years, in fact for about 15 or 16 years before I left England in 1946. The new Cemetery is not as I remember affiliated with any church, but the Parish Church in the centre of town - Preston - might have some information for you, also I believe that if you try and contact the Cemetery itself there should be some records of burials because I know that they are still interring people there.

I still have relatives in Preston and could try and do some inquiries for you. Hope that you can locate some of the things that you need.

Eileen Morgan Florida, USA

Harris Children's Home - 30 October 2000

The former Harris Children's Home I believe is near to the Texaco garage on the A6 heading towards Broughton. As for the cemetery, the only cemetery I can think of is the one on Ribbleton Lane

Shelley Tyson UK

Anita Swarbrick Wanted - 21 October 2000

Hi, I am looking to contact a lady I used to write to back in the 60's.  Her name was Anita Swarbrick I don't know if she married or not. At that time her address was 6 Alvern Avenue, Fulwood, Preston, Lancashire. If you know of this lady could you please pass on this email and or  my address thank you very much.

Vern Randall, Saskatchewan, Canada

Charter Theatre - 29 September 2000

I was the first stage manager at the Charter Theatre. I'm trying to contact any of the staff who may still be around.

Robin Bowditch Ontario, Canada

Photographs Wanted - 26 September 2000

Have you a page that has loads of pictures of well-known points of Fulwood and Preston? I'm in my 3rd year at college and am very homesick. Pictures of home would give me such a boost and I could show them off to my friends.

(We expect to take some photographs and put them up this summer)

Harris Children's Home - 17 September 2000

Hello I am Pat, In answer to your question, The Harris Children's Home was on Garstang Road Fulwood not the Harris Library. I don't know the answer to the other question you could get in touch with the cemetery they might be able to help, I now live in Holland but I was born in Fulwood and I go back often.

Kind regards,

Pat Holland

British Home Child - 12 August 2000

Hi Simon, I just received a copy of my father's birth certificate from 1898, which shows, where born as what appears to be 37 Orry St., district Liverpool, sub. district St. Martin, County of Liverpool. I went to a Lancashire site, and typed in Orry St., and got some links about benches, etc.and your link.

I didn't see the connection with Preston, but having never been in England, I thought there must be some connection. It was interesting to see one of the messages posted, as my father was orphaned & I believe sent to Canada as a British Home Child. I belong to the Liverpool list, so I can ask there, but while trying to find a street map on the www, my only source seemed to be that only London Streets were indexed. Thank you for your interest & fast reply, and any direction you can give me will be appreciated.

Thank you again.

Bob Ellis Ontario, Canada

Church E-mail Address - 3 August 2000

I need the email address for Our Lady and St. Edwards Catholic Church. Thanks.

Peter McCaffery Ontario, Canada

Origins of Surname Fullwood - 1 August 2000

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wonder if you could help my with a query. My name is Les Fullwood, my Grandmother conducted a family search and we were told that we came from Fulwood in Lancashire many years ago. I wonder if you could either tell me if this would be true or point me in the direction of someone who would be able to tell me. Most of my family now reside in the Midlands area, myself in Rushden, Northants.

Any information that you would be able to give me would be a great a help, as I am very interested in looking into my family tree and family origin.

I thank you for any assistance that you can provide in advance.

Kind Regards

Les Fullwood UK

John Carson Wanted - 18 July 2000

Congratulations on a great web-site, left Preston in 1978 and have lived in Canada ever since, would love to find an old friend John Carson who lived on Windermere Road, behind the White Hart, with his sister and family in the late 1970's. Think his birth date was September 21st. He was from Newtownards, Northern Ireland. Heard he joined the Police force. Anybody knowing his whereabouts, telephone number or address can e-mail me.

Sue Hall Canada

The Harris Orphanage - 29 May 2000

Hello Simon,

The Harris Orphanage was situated on Garstang Road opposite the Little Sisters of the Poor nursing home (I cant remember the exact number). I was a pupil there from 1970 to 1974, pupils shared the school with the orphanage at the time. The orphanage was part of the Harris Trust. The same Harris as the library in Preston and the then polytechnic. A new Harris Primary school was built in the 1980's at Wychnor, off Lightfoot Lane, and the orphanage was converted into a conference centre for the university.

All the Best,

Ian Dargie UK

Seeking Lizzie Hunt - 4 May 2000

I'm looking for a long lost friend called Lizzie Hunt whose parents lived in Preston when she lived in Newcross London with her then boyfriend Nick. Last I heard she was going to Australia

Debbie Cox, UK (We have Debbie's telephone number)

Can you Help? - 21 April 2000

My mother and aunts and uncles were put in The Harris Children's home from 1939 after her Mother died, her Dad was stationed at the barracks. She now lives in South Wales, but wonders if anyone can help? Is the Children's home now the Harris Library? She knows that her Mum is buried in Preston new cemetery. Can anyone tell me which church this is associated with?

Maybe a theme for the future could be about the children's home? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Helen UK

Looking for natural mother Florence Elizabeth Hall - 9 April 2000


Can anyone help me to locate my biological mother?

My name is Mark. I live in Sydney Australia and I am 36 Years old. I was born in Fullwood Amounderness on the 10th May 1963 and was adopted out to my parents who lived in Manchester. I've been out here in Australia for 12 years (it's great) and I'm married with four kids.

I would like some help to locate my natural mother. I'd really like to make contact and keep in touch if possible. I know my natural mothers name was Florence Elizabeth Hall at the time of my birth 10th May 1963 and on my birth certificate the location is Fullwood Amounderness.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Wreghitt Australia

Fulwood Barracks - 19 March 2000

Yours is the only web site that I can find in the Fulwood area. I am trying to find out if the regimental museum at the Fulwood Barracks has either an email address or a web site. Can you offer any information? I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Lance Jacob USA

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