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Family History - 11 March 2009


I have been searching my Family History on and off for the last few years, and having read Carole Knights book on Fulwood, I was wondering if you had an email address for her, so I can ask her more about the area, and its people.

Yours Sincerely

Philip Smith

Little Sisters of the Poor - 9 March 2009

Dear Sir / Madam,

Greeting from Porirua, just north of Wellington, New Zealand! I was actually born up the road in Blackpool and I'm wondering if you could help me with a bit of information as I research my past.

According to my Grandmother (who's in her late 80s), my Great-Grandmother was brought up in an orphange which my grandmother calls Little Sisters of the Poor. Apparantly she was the product of the master of a large house and a servant girl, probably in the Preston area. Her name was Dorothy M. R. Hayhurst and was born in approximately 1888. Her mother died young, hence why she was apparantly brought up by nuns. She married in Preston in 1914 to Arthur Peck after he'd returned injured from WWI, and died in Blackpool aged 74 in 1962.

I've noted the Harris Orphanage and I'm wondering if this is too close for coincidence. Please could you tell me if the nuns in the Little Sisters of the Poor Convent actually ever took orphans in, I'm guessing, the late 19th century, and if so, if there is any chance that any records of the children exist? The closest birth record I can find is an unnamed Female Hayhurst, born Garstang in the second quarter of 1889.

Any information you could give me would be a great help.

Many thanks in advance,

Steve Lyne

Great Grandparents - Fulwood Workhouse - 21 March 2008

Since I have recently discovered that two of my 3 greatgrandparents died in your workhouse in 1899 and 1896, I would like to know the history of the place at that time and what the prevailing conditions were. Can you direct me please?

Many thanks,

Valerie Kohler

Linda Moulding - 16 March 2007


Would appreciate anyone out there who knows the whereabouts of Linda Moulding who used to live at No. 42, Lansdown Hill, Fulwood, Preston.....around 1977-1985. She was born and bred in Preston and one time did her teacher's training in London,around 1972-74....staying at Erskine Road, Walthamsow, E17 London. Wish to get in touch with her and some of her housemates. It's more than 20 over years since we last met. WClai

W Choe Lai

Anita Swarbrick - 5 April 2006

I am trying to contact Anita Swarbrick formerly of 6 Alvern Avenue Fulwood Preston Lancashire we were penpals back in the 1960s'

Vernon M. Randall Tisdale, SK, Canada

Doreen McCasgill - 3 April 2006

I was born in 1959 in Hobson Street, Oldham. My birth certificate states Amounderness, Fulwood. Have traced my birth mother Doreen McCasgill to 1962, but nothing after this. Can anyone help me find this lady?

Paul Williamson Crook, Durham, England

Clockhouse Road, Fulwood - 23 May 2005


My name is Susan I am currently doing my family tree members of my family worked at the above address in 1881. Does this road still exist and what was the establishment.



Barrack Sergeant John Heaney - 5 October 2004

John Heaney was my Great Great Grandfather. His daughter Elizabeth Heaney was my great grandmother who married 1. Frederick Daniel Reed and 2. James Purcell.

Both Army people. John Heaney was married to Mary Giblin. John Heaneys father was Anthony Heaney married to Mary Molloy. John was born in Muldon, Essexs.

A Mrs. C. Ingham put an enquiry on your board re John Heaney 24 Sept. 2001. I replied recently but got no response from her.

Edith Friskney Ontario, Canada

Hole in the Wall - 12 September 2004

Is there a local pub called the hole in the wall, does anyone remember Martyn Rouski working there

Simon Rouski

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