Ful wood and Preston Personal E-mail Addresses

What is an impersonal e-mail address?
A typical e-mail address like john_324@warmmail.com or sue@jones39.ispserve.co.uk is impersonal. It's difficult for you or anyone else to remember and you have to swap it for another one when you change your Internet Service Provider.

What is a personal e-mail address?
A personal e-mail address is one which reflects something about yourself, is memorable and is not cluttered by superfluous characters.

By putting your name together with a location of your choice you can have a personal email address that both makes sense and is easier for friends and family to remember. If you run a business you can have an address that reminds your clients not just of who you are but where you are.


peter@fulwoodpreston.co.uk natasha@fulwood.com

itshop@garstangroad.co.uk  posh@winckleysquare.co.uk

What e-mail addresses can Fulwood offer me?
Some of the Internet domain names that we have available are:

ashtononribble.co.uk fulwood.com fulwoodpreston.co.uk

highgateavenue.co.uk houghton-on-the-hill.co.uk winckleysquare.co.uk

We can offer you, provided somebody else hasn't already taken it, your name @ any one of these domains.

If you want something else it's still worth contacting us because we may already either own or be able to buy, either for ourselves or for you, the underlying domain. We do provide domain purchase and domain hosting services at very competitive prices.

How does a personal e-mail address work?
It's very simple. We instruct the servers, the computers that maintain the underling Internet domain, to forward mail for your new address to your existing address. You continue to use your existing Internet account as before but all mail for your new personal address is passed directly to your existing e-mail account.

Whenever somebody asks for your e-mail address you just give him or her your new one. Your old e-mail address continues to work as before.

Do I need to change any settings on my computer?
No. However you may wish to change the e-mail and reply to addresses in your e-mail program. This is straightforward and we can either send you instructions or take you through it on the telephone.


What happens if I change my Internet Service Provider?
This is not a problem. Send us the new e-mail address and we will change the forwarding accordingly. There is no charge for this service.

In fact, a major advantage of a personalised e-mail address is the ability to change ISPs without changing your personal e-mail address.


What does it cost?
We charge 8-00 + VAT = 9-40 per year for your first address. Subsequent addresses, perhaps for other members of the family or as gifts, are charged at 4-00 + VAT = 4-70 per year.


How do I pay?
We give you a 14 day free trial period.

Once we receive your request we will acknowledge, configure the e-mail forwarding and send you a confirmation letter. On receipt of payment we will send you a VAT paid invoice and maintain your e-mail address for 1 year.


How do I order my e-mail address?
Simply complete and submit the form below. If the address you want isn't available we will provide information on alternatives.


Personal E-mail Address Order Form

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