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Ful wood Downloads

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Download Acrobat Reader Download  Adobe Acrobat Reader (8.6Mb) in order to read PDF files.
Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) is widely used for the distribution of electronic documents. Files with the .pdf extension are PDF files. OFSTED Inspection Reports are in PDF format, as are many of the support files supplied with computer equipment. Click Adobe PDF to read more about the format.
WinZip Archive Utility
Download WinzipDownload  WinZip V8.0 (1.3Mb) Evaluation Version.
Files are often compressed to either save transmission time or storage space. Zip files are "archives" used for distributing and storing files and are in widespread use on the Internet. The files "archived" in a Zip are usually compressed. WinZip, by  WinZip Computing, is a popular utility for handling zipped files. See also, What is a Zip File?. Zip files are the most common archive format.
Monitors Matter
The Computing Suppliers Federation (CSF) has published a range of material giving guidance on the evaluation of computer monitors.
Available here is their monitor selection guide (962Kb) in PDF format. Further information, including a monitor test program, a monitor FAQs and a guide to the widely misunderstood measurement of monitor dot pitch, are available from the CSF site.

At the time of writing CSF appear to be making a transition from one web site to another; if you have trouble locating anything e-mail us for assistance.
Microsoft Office Viewers
Microsoft Office DownloadsMicrosoft Office viewers which enable file viewing for users who do not have Office installed.
Word 97/2000 Viewer for Word or .doc files. This viewer allows users to view and print documents created in the Word file format, even if they do not have Word. Users are also allowed to zoom, outline, or view page layout, headers/footers, footnotes, and annotations.

Excel 97 Viewer for Excel spreadsheet program or .xls files. Microsoft Excel Viewer lets users view and print Excel files. The viewer also allows users to view page layout, copy and control cell sizes, and access the zoom and AutoFilter features.

PowerPoint 97/2000 Viewer for PowerPoint presentation or .ppt files. You can view and print presentations but you cannot edit them. Provides full fidelity display of PowerPoint 97 files, including the animations, graphics effects, action settings, hyperlinks, and custom shows. Does not support all the features of PowerPoint 2000.