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Posted by derrick on 02 December 2003 at 20:45:

In Reply to: Re: Billy's Weekly Liar posted by Phil Hollywood on 13 January 2003 at 22:26:

: The very same question was posed by Frank Cottier, a Canadian resident, formerly of Great Harwood, nr Blackburn. Frank remembered seeing it in Blackpool, in the 50's.
: During World War Two a joke shop in Preston which had published Billy's Weekly Liar for many years opportunistically trans - muted the organ into the Berlin Liar. The same shop sold matchbox coffins containing corps-es of miniature Hitlers. Opening the matchbox/coffin allowed Hitler's penis to spring erect (the penises being made from snippets of the fine pink rubber tubing manufactured for bicycle tyre valves). These artefacts were labelled 'Hitler's Last Stand'.

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