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Posted by Everson Whittle (Preston) on 16 July 2003 at 17:17:

In Reply to: Billy's Weekly Liar posted by Rob Whittaker on 23 June 2002 at 14:20:

: I am very interested in seeing a copy of this publication, which is referred to on your website however lancashire Record Office have no trace of it. Does anyone know where it is located please.

I remember  buying  c. 4 - 6 copies of this on Blackpool Prom for either 3p or 6p each in c. 1958. It was Published and Printed in Victoria Road, Walton-le-Dale - just oputside Preston. I DO have all these copies - but just at the presrnt time do not have them to hand.

I remember the 'Tale of Sonia Snell' (To whom an accident befel) and  Don't Kill your Wife - Let  GOSH  do it !

Happy  Days.

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