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Posted by Dave on 04 April 2003 at 09:56:

: I see from the BT Broadband ADSL Checker that the Fulwood exchange is now just 80 pre-registrations short of hitting the trigger level for ADSL.  Please if you know anyone living in Fulwood please help us get access to ADSL.  This would be good for many: businesses, schools, colleges and people living here. See www.bt.com/broadband and click  on Check Registration Level.  In fact it would be fantastic if fulwood.com or other interested community sites could get a campaign going to help us get those last few pre-registrations!

Pre-register Interest for Broadband ADSL Now!  It costs nothing to register interest, and will be a real boost for the area.

Many thanks.

Favourite web site: Register Interest in ADSL

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