Why the best supermarkets
don't act like supermarkets.

  most of us the supermarket is
now a way of life.
  A one-stop convenience store
where we can quickly grab the
  But what we gain in time we often
loose elsewhere as the major players
simply pile it high, sell it cheap and
try to please all of the people all of
the time.
  Which, of course, is impossible.
  Something has to give.
  Usually it's service.
  Often it's quality.
  Sometimes it's choice.
  Fortunately, there is another
approach to being a supermarket and
it's one the 'Big Four' will always
struggle to achieve.
  It's called flexibility, which means
adding the unusual option of buying
locally for our local market.
  It's all about knowing your
customers ... their likes and their
dislikes. It's about recognising that
shopping, especially for food, is not
so much a matter of trends as
a simple matter of taste. And it's what
makes Booths so different.
  Every buyer at Booths concentrates
on providing what our customers
want ... not what we want our
customers to have.
  That's why the manager of every
Booths supermarket has a big say in
exactly what items to carry in their
  And it's why you, the customer, will
usually find what you want on our
shelves ... because we listen to your
  All of which explains why your local
Booths could have not one local
cheese on the shelf, but probably 40
or more.
  It's why we still lead the way in
organic produce.
  It's why Booths coffee arrives in
your store less than 24 hours after
  It's why every ounce of our fresh
meat is 100% British.
  Happily, none of this has to cost you
any extra.
   On price, we're as competitive as
the major players.
  Our weekly 'Best Buys' include huge
savings on household names.
  And the friendly smile you get from
all of the staff is just a part of the
  So while the national chains offer to
roll back prices, make life taste better
or boast that every little helps, we
have a simpler proposition.
  We welcome you back to the
traditional experience of shopping for
pleasure ... for the big brands and a
lot of special things too.
  The kind of things that have won us
everything from 'Supermarket Wine
Merchant of the Year' to a Gold
Medal for our own-recipe Sausages.
  Booths. It's best to be different.
Sharoe Green Lane Fulwood Preston Lancashire PR2 9HD
25 stores throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire and Yorkshire.